“When drunken people are watching the game….” : Harbhajan recalls Australian crowd of Monkey Gate Scandal

2008 was a tough year for Harbhajan Singh. The former off-spinner was banned for three test match ban for calling a racial slur to Andrew Symonds. After the BCCI threatened to quit the tour in the middle, the ban was retracted.

Speaking to Boria Maumdar on his Youtube channel, Harbhajan recalls how the crowd behaved with him without knowing anything.

It is no secret that the Australian crowd can be hostile at times towards the players of the touring side. Last year, Mohammad Siraj and Washington side were called ‘grubs by the Australian side. Virat Kohli had fair share of troubles in the early Australian tours of his career.

Speaking from his experience about the Australian crowd of 2008, Harbhajan said that the people often forget what they are saying under the influence of the alcohol.

“In Australia you see, people come to the ground. They start drinking from 11, 11.30 a.m. onwards till the evening till the time the game games on. After half of the game, after lunch, they don’t know what they are doing, whether they are watching the match or have come for the picnic. When drinking people are watching the game, they actually don’t know what they are saying to others.” Harbhajan said on program Backstage with Boria.

During the 2008 scandal, Harbhajan was bashed by the crowd that he has testicles on his head. The off-spinner revealed that at times he was depressed about the whole thing but somehow was able to come out of it.

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