100+ Happy & Funny Birthday Wishes for Me, Myself and I

While it may feel clichรฉ to hear, but you are certainly the unique creation of the divine. You will never find someone exactly similar to your thoughts, perceptions, and likings, disliking, not to mention someone similar to your looks too. Light-hearted wishes are good as they bring smiles and help us to feel good about life too. And what could be better to wish yourself a happy birthday in a funny way? That’s what this post is all about. So let’s get started.

It feels as if the last birthday happened yesterday only. God, time does speed when one is aging like me. I should get off my a** and achieve some of my goals and visions. Happy Bday to me

When God decides to sculpt me, he took immense time and still couldn’t do a proper job. ๐Ÿ˜€ Luckily, the recent years have transformed me into a fine-looking young man. I hope the trend continues.

There is only one individual in this world, who can pull my legs, and still not get a whack on his behind. And that lucky and nice individual is Me, Myself and I.

The world we so much better, cooperative and thriving if there were more charming people like me. Dear God, please send more of like this year.

Contrary to the popular myth, Wisdom not only increases but can also spiral down. I pray to the Almighty that this phenomena does not happen to me.

There will be many people today who will remind me of age and limitations. To them, I say with all my heart and kindness, ***k Off!

My sex drive is sure as hell rapidly increasing with every passing year. It is as if God wants me to procreate and bring more nice handsome, cute babies into this world, just like me. A very happy birthday to the wonderful me ๐Ÿ˜€

There cannot be a masterpiece like me, who is the perfect blend of crazy, wise, happy, and overpowering personality. Some credits also go to my Dad and mom, not for the obvious but for tolerating my personality.

I have developed many unique skills in my life such as the likes of burping out like a frog, farting out like a pressure cooker, and snoring out like an Oprah. I am sure no individual can beat me in these endeavors.

The divine has created only one version of me, who may be hopelessly single but certainly aging like a fine wine. I hope the improvement continues.

There is definitely some truth in the saying that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. But this universal law doesn’t apply to me. I need some wild kicks on my behind to get going.

Hilarious birthday wishes if you are a Girl

God has given us an easy way to achieve wider gluts and bigger T***es by being a couch potato and sleeping. Thank you, god, for the easy way. I am now gonna berserk on this method this year.

The only skill that I learned in childhood, which is giving me rich dividends now, is the way of staying young and charming, by lying through the teeth of course. Many thanks to those nice ladies who taught me this.

Sometimes, what I lack in my brain, I compensate it very well with my gorgeous, stunning look. May the divine keep this blessing upon me forever.

There is certainly a lot of truth that girls become swan in their later years from an ugly duckling. I am a living example of it.

I am blessed that whenever my birthday comes, the gifts are always borne by Daddy or mommy or brother or sister or friends. If all of them fail to deliver, then some random guy on FB will do that. I love this life. Thank you God for giving it to me.

Today I will be bombarded with the wishes of so many unknown guys. Nothing different though! I get bombarded daily by the opposite gender. May the trend continue forever.

It is nice to have so many guy friends. Not only they help me but also put me on a pedestal from time to time but some also lend money without expecting back. God bless me more with such guys!

Society may not accept it but it is true that the best way of getting over a man, is to get under another one! Maybe I should give it a try!

Career-related crazy funny wishes for yourself on Birthday

I am sure that after the first 100 years of my life, I will finally figure out what I want to do. God bless me till then!

its a skill to be able to sleep at the work place and complete the work from the home instead.

To all the people who dislike me at the office, may you all get tortured someday with my nice fart from the divine.

I have achieved so much in my life, at least in my dreams. Most people don’t even achieve that. ๐Ÿ˜€ Hoping to transform some of my dreams into reality this year.

I like a job where everyone supports me, where my boss is perfect, where my colleagues are experienced and have the best soft skills. Basically, I want a job in my comfort zone I guess. Happy Birthday to me!

Every workplace is nice and cool and makes me passionate as long as there are decent no. of decent looking opposite genders.

I want to achieve all my dreams this year and then sit on my A** for the rest of life. Miracles do happen. May it happens in my life too, especially this year.

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