Wriddhiman Saha gets support from ICA

The Indian Cricketer’s Association has come out in support of Wriddhiman Saha for the threats he received from the journalist for not agreeing to an exclusive interview after Saha’s revelations that Dravid subtly indicated him to ‘retire’.

“We acknowledge the fact that the media plays a very important role both in the growth of our game and the players but there’s always a line that must never be crossed. What has happened in Saha’s case is totally unacceptable and we call for the respective press organisations to take up the matter and ensure such things are not repeated,” said ICA President Ashok Malhotra.

The ICA is a body formed in 2019 with the aim of resolving the problems of ex-cricketers. The members of the body are mostly ex-cricketers.

ICA in its official statement condemned the act by the so called journalist and said that cricketers should not receive such threats from media or anyone for not agreeing to an interview. The body also stated that they will support the move by BCCI to cancel journalist’s accreditation or his access to the BCCI events.

““We would offer our full support to Saha at this juncture. No player should be subjected to such ‘threats’ from anyone in the media or elsewhere. We urge the media also to come out in support of Saha and ensure that these sorts of issues don’t crop up again,” said Hitesh Majumdar, the ICA Secretary. “Any interaction between a player and the media has always to be voluntary.”

Why the journalist got upset with Saha?

Exclusive interviews of players in the limelight are the recipes of high TRPs. Saha is very much in limelight these days owing to his revelations of his private conversation with Rahul Dravid and Sourav Ganguly seperately. While Dravid asked him indirectly to ‘retire’, Sourav Ganguly assured him of his place after his 61 knock against New Zealand in November last year.

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