Yuzvendra Chahal recalls life-threatening bullying by IPL team mate

Yuzvendra Chahal has come a long way in his career. The leg-spinner had a dream run in 2017 alongside Kuldeep Yadav but was later dropped after a string of dismal performances. He made a comeback recently in the Indian team and has been bought by Rajasthan Royals for a whopping Rs 6.5 crores in the recently held IPL auction.

Chahal has been displaying his fun side recently. He played a gimmick by logging onto Rajasthan Royal’s Twitter account and announcing himself as the skipper of the franchise.

While the leg-spinner has a knack for sharing his humorous side, he recently revealed a life-threatening bullying action by a Mumbai India’s teammate back in 2013 when Chahal was hung from the balcony of the 15th floor by a player whose name Chahal has not revealed it.

“I never told this story, from today everyone will know. I never shared this. This was from 2013 when I was with Mumbai Indians. We had a match in Bengaluru. There was a get-together after that. So there was a player who was very drunk, I won’t say his name. He was very drunk, he was looking at me for a long time and he just called me and he took me outside and he hung me from the balcony.” Chahal told

Chahal was with the Mumbai Indians in 2013. Virender Sehwag upon hearing the incident urged the leg-spinner to reveal the name of the teammate who was involved in the action. The tweet was later found deleted but not before several publications captured the screenshot.

“Important to reveal name of player who as per Chahal did this to him in a drunk state. If true, this cannot be treated as fun, important to know what happened and what action was taken considering the seriousness of this,” said Sehwag on his official Twitter account. Sehwag had said

The leg-spinner emphasized the importance of being careful and responsible. Fans, however, are not happy with what happed to the Chahal

“Then I realised how responsible we need to be when we go anywhere. So this was one incident where I felt I made a narrow escape. Had there been the slightest of mistakes, I would’ve fallen down,” he added.

Life ban to players who commit such offense: Ravi Shastri

The former Indian coach has reacted strongly to the incident and has called for a Life ban on a player if such offenses are committed in today’s time. He also urged that players need to report such incidences just like they are told to report bribery and spot-fixing approaches to the Anti-Corruption Unit.

“It is the first time I am hearing such a drastic thing like this. It is not funny at all. If such an incident happens today, a life ban for that person involved and send that person to a rehab center as quickly as possible. Life ban, better not come near to a cricket field then he will realise how funny is it or not funny,” he stated further.

“Just like you are told by the Anti-Corruption Unit when there is an approach made by someone or the other when it comes to fixing” he added further

Symonds and James Franklin tied me up in 2011 : Yuzvendra Chahal

During the same podcast, Chahal also spoke about another horrifying, ill-treatment of him in his younger days. During the RR podcast with Ravichandran Ashwin and Karun Nair, the leg-spinner revealed how Andrew Symonds and James Franklin tied him and taped his mouth in 2011 after MI won the Champions League title. The cricketer remained tied throughout the night and was freed the next morning when a cleaner came to the room.

“It was in 2011 after wining champions League in a Chennai hotel. He [Andrew Symonds] had drunk a lot of “fruit juice” (laughs). I was with him, only. James Franklin and he tied my hands and legs, and said ‘now you have to open’. They were in so much masti they have taped my mouth and forgot all about me. Party got over and in the morning, when a cleaner came, he saw me and freed me. They asked from when have I been here like this and I told them, ‘from the night itself’.

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